Truss product manager


Job description:


  1. Responsible for the development, planning and optimization of new trusses and have the foresight to grasp new trends and demand in the industry.
  2. Come up with innovative truss designs and collect relevant technical specifications and data for pricing and other pieces of data.
  3. Analyze and calculate the structural integrity of trusses according to design and draw up a blueprint.
  4. Answer any questions sales representatives may have that are truss and structure related and explain the set-up process.
  5. Collect, organize and file information on the design of trusses and its structure.
  6. work and improve on the technicality of the design plans
  7. Provide training to designers in the company


Job requirements

  1. Possess a degree in construction engineering, structural engineering, machinery, mechatronics, electronics, industrial design or other relevant degrees. Must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher
  2. Possess 1-3 years of experience working with trusses and some experience in product management and project management
  3. Be familiar with structural design and development and understand molding design and other technical areas and craft.
  4. Be able to proficiently use AtuoCAD software, Inventor, and Pro/E, UH or Solid Works.
  5. Must be positive, responsible and meticulous in one’s job